Motion Sickness Tips for Mal de Debarquement Syndrome and Vestibular Migraine

Motion sickness can be a symptom trigger. Many people with vestibular migraine and mal de debarquement syndrome are prone to experiencing motion sickness. Try these tips to make traveling a little easier.

  1. Look at the horizon.
  2. Front seats are best. If you are in a plane, sit at or in front of the wings, where the flight is less turbulent. In a car, sit in the front seat.
  3. Try ginger chews, tablets, or tea.
  4. Smell peppermint oil or have it as a gum or tea.
  5. Push the acupressure point 2 finger-widths below the writs, or use special wrist bands.
  6. Stay hydrated, eat a light meal, and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Don’t travel with a hangover!
  7. Keep a comfortable temperature by wearing layers or using a fan or A/C.

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