Mind Rebalanced

Brain fog can be an extremely debilitating side effect of a vestibular disorder.

In the latest episode of Life Rebalanced Chronicles, Mind Rebalanced, 9 vestibular warriors discuss what it’s like to cope with cognitive and mental changes associated with our vestibular disorders.

Here is what I wrote it my post, Landlubber: My Symptoms way back in the early days of this blog to describe it:

“One of the most difficult aspects of my MdDS to explain is something called “brain fog.” I still have the intelligence and abilities that I had before MdDS, but I’m more forgetful and have difficulty making decisions or figuring things out if I’m not rested. It reminds me of trying to think with a really bad hangover or after going a few nights without sleep. Tasks that require a lot of working memory are more difficult (like doing math in my head or figuring out directions with a map). Until recently, I would need long breaks after thinking creatively or working on new ideas or plans. In the first two weeks after returning from my trip, I had significant word-finding issues. This was very strange for me because I’m a speech-language pathologist, and I teach strategies for word-finding issues for my job. Most of the time I’d have to go to sleep before I could think of the word or name that I was trying to come up with. This went away completely after the first couple of weeks. The reduction in this “brain fog” has been the biggest and best improvement I have made since the symptoms began. I would not have been able to write this blog before the “brain fog” lifted. I was lucky to get through the mental activities required for a workday, and then came home mentally exhausted.”

Nowadays, I feel pretty sharp unless I’m having a high-symptom day or I’m running on low sleep! There is hope, and healing is possible.

Watch the latest episode of Life Rebalanced Chronicles, Mind Rebalanced, at the link below!

Mind Rebalanced

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