Relationships and Self Rebalanced

Last week and this week, the docu-series Life Rebalanced Chronicles tackled two major topics!

When my symptoms were high, I had a lot of guilt about it. I felt bad for my loved ones. I didn’t want to be stuck in what felt like a miserable story. I felt like a burden… I couldn’t drive, I canceled plans, I was often in a bad mood, and I was too exhausted to complete small tasks. I wanted to give everyone a happy ending, but I couldn’t.

I began to question who I was as I embarked on this new and terrifying voyage. I didn’t feel like my old self, physically or mentally. It’s been a process (and still is) figuring out “life after MdDS.” I spent the first year trying to prove to myself I could do the things I used to do. I spent the second year trying to make big changes – new business, new baby, new house. I’m still not sure what my third year will bring!

I hope you will check out Self Rebalanced and Relationships Rebalanced!

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