Hello! My name is Sandy Brunner. I am the co-founder of Solutions for a Better Day, a speech-language pathologist, and writer. I was diagnosed with Mal de Debarquement Syndrome in July of 2018, which also triggered Vestibular Migraine.

I started this blog because I desperately wanted to read what it was like to live with MdDS over time, so I decided to share my story. I assumed I would reach remission within 6 months…which didn’t happen, but I hope it will happen for you! My coping strategies and skills have improved, and so have my symptoms, very, very slowly, over time. I’m hopeful I’ll reach remission someday, but until then I’m trying to ride the waves of MdDS and VM and live my best boat life despite the dizziness!

If you are at the start of your vestibular journey, or if you are in the middle of your voyage and in need of support or ideas, I’d love to help you get to better days and calmer seas. I provide coaching sessions with an occupational therapist through my business, Solutions for a Better Day. Visit our website or contact me to learn more or schedule a session.

I am a VeDA Ambassador, and I’ve continued writing to raise awareness and help others keep living life to the fullest with MdDS.  I share my struggles and triumphs on Instagram (@lifewithoutlandlegs).

For more information and resources from the Vestibular Disorders Association (VeDA) visit: vestibular.org

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