Hello! My name is Sandy Brunner. I am the co-founder and a coach at Solutions for a Better Day, a speech-language pathologist, and writer. I was diagnosed with Mal de Debarquement Syndrome in July of 2018, which also triggered Vestibular Migraine.

I started this blog because I desperately wanted to read what it was like to live with MdDS over time, so I decided to share my story. This “voyage” isn’t what I expected, but I’m here to share the ebbs and flows, plus the things that make it better. I’m committed to creating my boaty best life – despite the dizziness!

I am a VeDA Ambassador, and I’ve continued writing to raise awareness and help others keep living life to the fullest with MdDS. I share my struggles and triumphs on Instagram (@lifewithoutlandlegs).

For more information and resources from the Vestibular Disorders Association (VeDA) visit: vestibular.org

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