Relationships and Self Rebalanced

Last week and this week, the docu-series Life Rebalanced Chronicles tackled two major topics! When my symptoms were high, I had a lot of guilt about it. I felt bad for my loved ones. I didn’t want to be stuck in what felt like a miserable story. I felt like a burden… I couldn’t drive,Continue reading “Relationships and Self Rebalanced”

Mind Rebalanced

Brain fog can be an extremely debilitating side effect of a vestibular disorder. In the latest episode of Life Rebalanced Chronicles, Mind Rebalanced, 9 vestibular warriors discuss what it’s like to cope with cognitive and mental changes associated with our vestibular disorders. Here is what I wrote it my post, Landlubber: My Symptoms way backContinue reading “Mind Rebalanced”

Life Rebalanced Chronicles: Body Rebalanced

I’m so excited to share with all of you a project I’ve been working on that’s close to my heart, Life Rebalanced Chronicles! The Life Rebalanced Chronicles docu-series features nine vestibular warriors talking candidly about how their lives have been affected by these invisible illnesses, including me! I’ll be sharing my experiences living with MdDSContinue reading “Life Rebalanced Chronicles: Body Rebalanced”