Coaching Services

I know what it’s like to live with mal de debarquement syndrome and vestibular migraine.

Get support from someone who understands your daily struggles. I use my skills as a speech-language pathologist and coach to help you break down your daily struggles and overcome the challenges of living with MdDS and/or VM.

I provide coaching services with my friend Kelly, an occupational therapist, who has seen me weekly throughout my illness and has used her skill set to help me adapt to my struggles.

During your session, we can work on things like:

  • Coping strategies for sensory sensitivities and triggers, like light, sound, odor, patterns, or visual motion
  • Preparing for triggering situations with accommodations
  • Creating daily systems to save brain power and function despite brain fog

Learn to thrive while living with invisible illnesses.

Adapting to life with a chronic illness isn’t easy. Doctors and physical therapists provide medication and treatment, but they don’t teach you how to make it through day after day. We supply you with personalized guidance and solutions. Soon, you’ll say, “I’ve got this!” During your session, we can work on things like: 

  • Taking steps to build a life that works for you now
  • Building a manageable to-do list and identifying your top priorities to get through difficult days
  • Adapting to fatigue
  • Adapting daily activities (showering, cooking, cleaning, shopping)

Master going to work and school and completing daily tasks despite your symptoms.

Accommodations, lifestyle changes, and solutions make a big difference. Whether you’re coping with the onset of illness or are an experienced patient looking to improve your daily life, we create a personalized plan for you to reach your goals. Our occupational therapy and speech-language pathology experience helps us cater unique ways to handle brain fog, sensory sensitivities, dizziness, and vertigo. Sandy is an understanding guide, drawing on her personal experience with chronic illness symptom management and her extensive research.

During your session, we can work on things like: 

  • Strategies and accommodations for work or school
  • Creating an empowering morning routine to fortify your brain, lowering stress and trigger threshold, and addressing high symptoms

Want to learn more? Schedule a complimentary, 30-minute conversation today or simply give me a call at (414) 810-6101. You can tell me about your needs, ask questions, and get to know me a bit. You can also contact me via text, email, or contact form.

For downloads of MdDS and vestibular migraine symptoms lists and more about our services, visit our website.

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